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, economic belden, education and health. we consider these to be investments in a future palestinian state if there is off investments in peace which is and all of our interest. more broadly in our discussions i reaffirmed to the president that the united states will remain committed to realizing the vision of two states which is in the interest of the palestinian people and also and the national security interests of israel. >> the nine states also and the world. we seek an independent, viable and continue with palestinian state as a homeland of the palestinian people. >> the president calling for a palestinian state ca. saying they need their own country. in praising the president for bring more stability than the country is in a long time >> it is 4:45 a good time to get updated on weather and traffic. good morning erica. >> good morning james. the rain we saw yesterday has pushed its way to beat. we are waking up to cloudy skies and have areas of fog. rain totals for that sort in our spirit petaluma pretense of an inch. for all or a half inch for the santa rosa. not much rain for downt
-around you that could potentially be toxic to your body. education is key. if you have any concerns, as always, discuss them with your physician, those are my doctor's orders, thanks for joining us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4 starts now. >> good morning. it is friday march 22nd. we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. some days in it. not bad. >> let us find out about whether and traffic. us start with the weather. good morning erica. >> good morning james happy friday. we're starting off with clear conditions around the bay area. though winds howling over night. gusty winds from the coast the water. strongest from the north bay mountains. right now we are dealing with tippers in the '40's. not to bad of a start as we head into the afternoon. we will see plenty of sunshine. we could see low seventies for a handful of locations. >> letter to my id will be clear and mild temperatures back down to the '50s and '60s. >> looking at conditions. 40 degrees and napa. vallejo 3
. malala yousufzai shot in the head last october, because of her support for girls' education. she is not attending school in england, where she has been receiving medical treatment. she is excited to get back into the classroom. >> i want to learn how to bring a change in the world. >> she improved through numerous surgeries and she had have to operations to prepare her scattered skoal. she was walking by the time she was released in february. >> they are calling it " doomsday " or " armageddon " scenario, a mass of asteroid is hurtling towards the earth. this sounds like a blockbuster movie, but it is the hot topic on capitol hill. nasa is talking about what we can do about it, if any. congress has ordered nasa to track objects that are big enough to wipe out a city. experts say that i object as large as a car enter our atmosphere about once per week. nasa just wants to be ready. so far, no real solution, but they are working on it. >> the time is 6:53 a.m.. here is a live look at our san francisco camera. >> it is a little wet as we clear out the rain. we will be right back. wha
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last october, because of our support for girls' education. she now is attending school in england, where she's been receiving medical treatment. she is expected to get back into the classroom. >> malala improved through numerous surgeries, including two to repair a shattered all restore hearing. she was walking by the time she was released from the hospital in february. >> the pentagon is getting ready for the start of forced for day workweeks. furlough notices will begin going out on friday. workers will be forced to take unpaid leave for today's or one day each week, from april 21st through september 21st. that will equal a 20% pay cut for five months. the furloughs will affect most of the defense department 800,000 civilian employes. the unpaid days off of a result of a fourth federal spending cuts. >> a huge blow for gun control advocates. senate majority leader harry reid says a ban on assault weapons will not be part of the gun control packages bring to the senate floor for debate. he says there's just not enough support. but california senator dianne feinstein, who wrote th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5